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  • Ok, that's cool. You're not endlessly defending yourself like a certain F. Panther did, so that's good. LOL
    Noodle, I got that from your post. Like I know that you mean well and that you're not trying to be insulting, but it comes off as a very naïve viewpoint and to someone who is working a job and is on their own, it can come off as insulting. People can and might get really angry at you over that. Just warning you.

    Trust me, I realize this is something you will learn in time, I'm not expecting you to have learned it yet. But it isn't the thing to say when someone loses their job.
    Haha, I just looked up in the lounge and I noticed. No problem, this is prob something I could do as well :)
    like there's nothing wrong with this but no way it reaches the creative peaks of blackstar??
    well it's rather generic altrock. not unlike some of your other recs through the years
    If you don't I don't know what the hell life is anymore. Egg doesn't like eggs and Corndog doesn't fucking like corndogs!
    What does your tagline mean? It makes me chuckle for some reason, but I don't understand it.
    Hello, I’d like to remember of the draft vote. You have until Monday, September 5, 3:00 PM EST to vote.
    havent actually run thru th ily's stuff yet, definitely will tho. I don't know alot about the project besides affiliation w th grips.
    I meant more your opinions on Rush and the like... when you came here you were all about them, weren't you? And it wasn't that long ago you were chastising Egg for liking them. I just feel like stuff like that could be a group-influenced thing. You should never feel embarrassed for liking a band or anything.
    which one? ive only heard III, aint bad but didnt drive me to hear it all and guy Heller is a bit uhh abrasive.
    even the jenny-esque tunes on bottomless pit are dope because they boil it down to quicker punky bursts and duck out once there's nothing else to say. pit was super relieving because it showed me they still possessed that experimental pop prowess and could craft hooks and not just mount an assault with a lacking direction, which i guess is what i'd consider jenny death. it's not without it's potent moments but it doesn't have the affect on me that the rest of em do.
    i'm actually about equally pleased with the textures and styles approached on each, and jenny death has grown on me some.

    jenny death is just not a very well constructed record song-wise for me, alot of the tracks drag out to the point of feeling a bit sloppy and show their hand really quickly without as much of the interesting textural idiosyncracies that spice up the tracks. the stuff that works is mostly shorter and even like inanimate sensi-aaa-tion (which is stellar) could be clipped just a tad.

    also i like 2 chill more than rock out at this point in my life won't lie, though i could never not have one. it's certainly a mood thing, i think death grips' abrasion is pre one-of-a-kind but i also think that packages better than jenny death have delivered it.
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