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  • yeah, you should. having a consistent theme is really nice, though it makes it hell for me to find avatars i really like
    i google searched it and apparently it's a postcard. pretty neat. and yeah, all kitties make me melt from their cuteness lol
    practise will def help strengthen the vocal chords, that's for sure. might try it but i need the house clear first lol.

    that's really weird. astronomy is like the job you only dream of as a kid, but i guess it's different over there? congrats to him, it takes a lot of work to make it to that point.
    even though i like death metal and heavy metal, i couldn't scream cuz i would probably sound pretty stupid haha. and yeah, practising like that could help too. you should go for it, try it, see how you like it.

    hmm why is that? weird. and yeah, it's a whole lot if weird shit we hardly understand at all
    not all of their stuff is great but they excite me and their latest singles are pretty powerful. i listened to affection like four times in a row one day just cuz i was enraptured by it in the moment. hyped for like at least mayb a new ep?
    i don't know if that's what i'll do specifically, i'll just have to wait and see

    and yeah, should be fun cuz space has always been a fascination of mine
    yeah, don't let your parents live through you. if you wanna do music or a position in business, go for it. you'll make a hell of a lotta money out if it, that's for sure. mixing, hmm that could get yer creative juices flowing.

    that's designing rockets and satellites and stuff like that, so yes. it'll be hard but it'll pay off hopefully.
    dream job? astrospace engineering is my ultimate goal tbh, took engineering classes in my final year. what about you, what do you want to do? i wanna know about you too
    yeah, for walmart. it's not that great but eh, it's good for a first job
    yeah same. y'know i'd actually consider myself somewhat good looking if it wasn't for acne, and you look good too, dude. your hair is fabulous
    i'll answer your pm in full later, cuz i've gotta go back ta work. don't worry
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