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  • Sometimes you just have to do a step backwards. And maybe you stumble upon something you didn't see before.

    Oh great, now I sound like a fortune cookie.
    Life is on hiatus.
    dude that review i wrote for dog of death was terrible :P it's one of those posts i look back and shudder on.
    anytime. btw, i'm putting together a top 30 episodes list, by way of watching and rating each episode from seasons 1 through 10. so far, i'm in the middle of season 3.
    Well thats good. I haven't been watching as much latley, but now that the episode club is back in swing, I can get back to it.
    Pretty much. They usually play the show in chronological order, and they're at the start of season 6 right now.
    It always is. They've gotten their hands on eveything up to season 20, so I know how you feel. It can be a very long turnaround. Fortunatley, I have a high tollerance for the Scully era.
    Darren, Squeaky Voiced Teen is up for episode nomination but if by some chance he doesn't pick his episode tomorrow like he says he will please be aware that you are next in line. I hate waiting last minute but I would appreciate it if you nominate your episode sometime on Saturday IF Squeaky Voiced Teen doesn't nominate his before then. I doubt it will come to that, but just be aware and have an episode ready, thanks.
    Man Darren...our differing opinions regarding EVERYTHING Simpsons are really starting to become cliche:D

    Well whatever, I guess we'll just have to argue in the thread when the time comes. I'd rather that than no discussion at all...
    If you looked at my Treehouse of Horror XIV review I explained I havn't seen any Season 15 episodes in months, many in years. So I decided to watch and review the whole season again to see how it holds up. So far I'm taking one episode a day but might change my viewing pace.
    ya i heard about that. i've never really gotten into sebadoh, though i do think it's pretty cool they got barlow for an in store. i've got a dinner to go to in north van though so i don't think i could make it. i'm sure we'll end up at the same show again sometime soon...
    Hey there, don't think I'm being short with you, didn't explain my opinion very well - sorry, you seem a good guy.
    In answer to your inquiry (that I just noticed) my favourite Simpsons episodes are Homer the Heretic and Lisa's Substitute, but it changes all the time.
    Ah, I didn't know you were kidding. Silly me. LOL.

    I like the name Darren, but it is a little weird hearing people that I talk to on the internet's real names. It kind of ruins the "illusion" of whom they are, I guess.
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