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  • My rankings in my signature will be replaced by a link to a thread that i will create in a few days that shows my episode ratings if that bothers you.
    I think it will be a good turn-out as usual. Your posts are fantastic and you should definitely be a part of it!
    You seem to be keen on doing the episode club! This is my first time doing it, and I'll assume you've done this before as well.
    on further consideration: maybe, indeed. there's an awful lot of episodes that are disqualified for discussion, since they've been covered before, so that limits my interest somewhat.
    "10. Rosebud
    9. Summer of Four ft. 2
    8. The Way We Was
    7. Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment
    6. Sweet Seymour Skinner's Badassssss Song
    5. Secrets of a Successful Marriage
    4. Homer Badman
    3. Marge Vs. The Monorail
    2. Itchy and Scratchy and Marge
    1. Lisa's Sub"

    When I first immigrated to Canada, I stayed in Langley for a year. I guess I moved to Burnaby for better convenience, while maintaining some solitude.
    not at all, it was refreshing to have a real discussion on here that wasn't "I like this", "I disagree that is bad".
    Hey, didn't wanna post this in the top 100 episodes thread as it's a bit off topic, but just wanted to say on the debate you had with goodfella:

    A comparison can be made between Lisa's Substitute and Dead Putting Society. DPS explores Bart's awkward relationship with his father, who is so embroiled in an envious feud with his neighbour that his son is secondary. I like how it highlights Bart's struggle as he finds his dad amusing and respects him, but he's clearly being told to hate the Flanders's when they're perfectly friendly. Lisa's Substitute has Lisa, who is a little cleverer than Bart, and shows her difficulty with a similar issue, which Homer realises to some degree, and tries to correct in his own way. Typically great Season 2 characterisation. They're both similar, in a way, and both hilarious.
    Hey Darren, thanks for the friend request! And of course for your great and insightful posts in the Jerkass Homer & Lisa thread :). Didn't remember at all the little detail about Reverend Lovejoy in Homer Vs Lisa Vs The Eight Commandment, that explains things quite well.
    yeah MH is pretty consistent in quality. Andy vs the Real Word was probably one of the weaker ones though. Also the one with george's sister is a bit boring, I think that one's a bit weak. The rest are pretty much all great though. And cheers, for what it's worth your one of my favourite boarders here too.
    Yeah I love it. I just got in to it after reading that thread on nerdgroupies. Really really really shouldn't have been cancelled, I mean, one of my favourite jokes from the series is in the episode that was never made, but released as a storyboard. that's got to be saying something. which are your favourites?
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