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    Happy birthday, Alura!

    Happy birthday, Alura!
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    R&R Bart on the Road

    Even though I really mostly enjoyed the episode, the third act gets even more suspicious, which makes it a bit weak and questionable. I do enjoy the part where Homer just explodes his anger with his helmet. I also absolutely didn't like it when Nelson threw a rock, which made it destroy the sun...
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    Rate/Review - A Fish Called Selma

    This is such a fantastic, classic episode! The quality in there was what I wanted. I love the Muppets, which makes the Muppets Go Medieval even better for me to watch, and the Planet of the Apes musical was great! And by the way, Troy McClure x Selma has some strong chemistry like it did with...
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    Happy birthday!!!

    Happy birthday!!!
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    Rate and Review: The Day Violence Died

    The episode looks fine, actually... It may have issues and weaknesses, but there were some laughs, like the ending with Lester and Eliza, but otherwise, the concept was amazing to see, like Itchy's first short "Manhattan Madness". The writing was interesting, but seemed a little bit suspicious...
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    Happy birthday!!!

    Happy birthday!!!
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    R&R Homer The Smithers

    This is such a classic yet hilarious episode! The writing and quality in here is just fantastic! It was so worth it to see Homer working with Mr. Burns, and I'm loving Homer and Smithers' fight so far, as well as Homer yelling and punching Mr. Burns. The ending was also funny as well to me. I...
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    Happy birthday, Tony!

    Happy birthday, Tony!
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    Rate and Review: Lisa the Iconoclast

    This episode has such great characterization of Lisa, as well as a story that I definitely understand with my knowledge because of my father. The lesson definitely showed something, like, for example, if you knew something of a secret, no one would understand nor believe in you if you do...
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    To what extent do you tolerate "preachiness" or moralizing in The Simpsons?

    I've never really had a problem with moralizing episodes unless they're badly made (especially the classic episodes) because it gives me a kind of charm that I wanted. "Lisa the Vegetarian" has such a relatable theme and story on vegetarianism, "Bart Sells His Soul" has a charming, moralistic...
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    R&R Bart The Fink

    I think this episode is interesting and remarkable with such a solid touch to it. The writing is just different, and I find this to be pretty clever. I really admire the twist when Clancy Wiggums said that Krusty is dead, and everyone just gasped in horrible shock. It was such a fantastic shock...
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    Happy belated birthday!

    Happy belated birthday!
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    R&R Scenes From the Class Struggle in Springfield

    I think this episode is interesting enough to be classy and have a view of its plot focusing on Marge with some laughs. By the way, the B-plot on golf can have some laughs, but it was worth watching. Otherwise, the ending was sweet and flowing through, and the twist with Marge sewing the dress...
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    Hello, welcome to No Homers' Club!

    Hello, welcome to No Homers' Club!