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  • I just finished the lineart for Ruth in my style. I'll write down on the image that it's dedicated to you.
    Would you mind if I only do a picture of Ruth than yourself as the sister of Laura character that I've seen on deviant art for a dedication piece? I went on your gallery, but it seemed that you only had a bust than the whole image.
    To start off, He's taller than Bart by two inches. His personality is on the tired yet on the sad side since his father is in jail(that being Cecil). His mother Marris is also in jail for bankrobbery(I'm basing her off the one Fraiser), so he's in foster care. Make him have his face slanted but his eyes sadly upward to show that he knows he being watched. I'm not sure why he has Robert's hair but that's how the artists of the comic drew him.

    So, I'm not sure how much that helped you, but here is a page for reference:

    I think that after he stayed in the Scared Spitless program, he went to see his family but Social services took him to be a new family and that might be a reason why he is raised to be forgiving. I consider that would give depth than just make him a Gino copy. Just look at him, he didn't even attack Bart. Though, I think that the program will also make him sick every time he has a violent thought.
    Very amazing, very gory though. If you seen the Ring or grudge films, it's similar to that, but it's more than that. Since you like the psychological sensibility to writing, then go see it. You'd be surprised by the ending, but I'm not going to spoil.
    UGH!! I really don't wanna start posting my crap on here too XD!! I had a bad enough time on DA uploading crap XDXDXD
    Well, when I'm not commenting at this very moment, I'm working on the first picture to enter for my next submission on my Ohthehumanityplz account. It's a fanart of the murder Magician from the Umbrella Academy. Listening to my Tom Lehrer songs at the moment. Just saw the Uninvited earlier yesterday.

    I'm planning to do dedication pieces to the members on this board. Finished Reverend Lovejoy's and Gatorgod's lineart.
    Since I just turned eighteen, I haven't been employed in a occupation yet. Though, I do recall trying to be employed in Build-a-Bear workshop but they never called me back. I thought my mock-pitch(not a parody) for selling a item would be one of my high points to be employed...
    Right now I'm unemployed, but I would love to work in a book store. Unfortunately, the store I want to work in only opens applications during the Christmas season. It annoys me that Borders does that, while Barnes and Noble is allowing applicants all year round... I'll take Barnes and Noble if that means it's the only choice.
    Well, the town council in my hometown are bunch of reprobate fools that believe that the opening of Bob's Big Boy is something to celebrate than discussing of the economy.
    You're preaching to the choir. My father worries still, so he doesn't release his views in the public unless its a Temecula city council meeting which my parents are against.
    Tell me about it. Sadly how things are now... The things we want censored are now influencing bad behavior in our schools while the things we shouldn't ignore have to be slammed with a veto on it.
    Ah, the art of philosophy. Currently I'm reading Nietzsche since I was intrigued at how many are inspired. He opens my mind, and I like most of what he writes. Though, due to me being a Christian/Later-Day Saint, I don't believe God is dead. As I said before, studying my own astrological personality traits, I am very open to opinions. Which leads me into not hating my own country but the people in it(sorry for changing the subject). They say my country is a free country, and we have the first amendment to speak freely, but that's changed recently. I've been ostracized for making cartoons that disturb their party(My teachers found my views on racism to be offensive).

    I'm going to stop right there. You?
    I don't know about that, but thank you. From what I read in behind my horoscope both Greek and Chinese, and blood type, it says that a Sagittarius/Horse is a very down to Earth person. Even in the Western astrology, there is a keyword in the Sagittarius that is "I percieve", I believe that makes me have a imagination(Though this is what I think, not what it means).

    I apologize for that little lesson in divination through astrology, but in my spare time, I do like to look through different cultures to assess myself into a little more understanding if my personality fits or not. I find it interesting that the counterpart of my Hellenic astrological sign "Sagittarius" is equivalent to the Chinese Rat, but the rats is incompatible with the Horse, which is actually my Chinese sign!

    I've been interested in personality even before my Special education teacher placed me in that Psychology class in high school. Though, I do have to say that it's quite intriguing nonetheless.
    The reason that my interest in the show didn't peak was that I was born in 1990, so I didn't understand how sophisticated the writing was back then. My parents were watchers of the Tracey Ullman show that my father wanted her as a character in this film he wanted made but couldn't due to not publishing it at the time. He's a writer like I am, but he actually has several stories finished, now he just waiting for the copyright to get through before he sends it to the publication office.
    Your welcome, I just want to have a conversation than end a friendship or acquaintance flat. If you want to see a evolution in my art, see my progressing "minespatch" account. I didn't draw any Simpsons fanart because I just wasn't as interested as I am now. Though, I would go off and on to see Futurama even though I saw Simpsons now and again back then.

    What got me interested was the Simpsons ride. It was a life changing experience for me.
    Hey, your stronger than you admit. If you have the courage to post your art on deviant art, then you have nothing to worry about.
    Oh, thank you for being my friend. It's nice to see people in the art community. Though, I wish there was a section on the forum that was only art related, than just being fan art alone.
    I love your art on Deviant art, it's very powerful. Though, it scares me that I have a signature similar to yours. Really, it's unintentional.
    I love the first pic, thanks so much for trading with me! This has been alot of fun so far and so thank you for being patient while I write 'Caleb' (it's also unusual because I don't think I've ever seen a successful trade of words for art before!)
    Keep drawing, you've got real talent!
    Yes, go ahead and send me the details and we can move this awkward double conversation into the PM area.
    That way we can talk freely without worrying about plot spoilers and it looking like we are pandering for posts and visitor notes!
    Long-winded is how I like 'em.
    Just promise to be fair and honest. A fluffy review (i.e.- That's a good story!) is an author's worst nightmare! Even moreso than a bad review, at least those can point out problems you didn't see.
    No complaints here! Father Sean worried me a bit because I'm not familiar with his episode but I'm confidant I have a good measure on his attitude and motivations.

    And don't worry about 'review-whoring', you got almost nothing in an entire year and I can sympathize.

    (Plus, I'll be just as bad when you finish 'Death of a Simpson'! ^_^)! Don't make me choose! ;)
    For me, the best moment was how you handled the conflict between Ruth and Marge. Their struggle is believable and you pace it well.

    (That's just my opinion, it's all very enjoyable!)
    Probably about as much as I want to see (yes SEE, your details were sufficiant to give me a fully-formed image!) what happens next!
    Well, I read it...
    It's amazingly polished for an unfinished work and your characterization/conflict development are supurb! I think you ought to finish it. ;)
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