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  • Hey there! I know you're probably busy, but I miss you, and I know you've got a procrastination problem just like me, so...little kick in the pants! ;) D'you have time to talk again?
    Gah I know what you mean now that I've been trying to find time for a week! :strangles self: projects may be the worst invention ever invented.
    That's ok! I was just wondering if something was going on — I thought you were maybe off on vacation or something. :)
    That's terrible! The thought of my computer crashing while at college is *shudder*

    Hope you work things out without it screwing up your work or anything :eek:
    I do the 'one group of internet people to another' thing too.

    We're trying, damn it.
    Thank you, and I'm glad that you let me know what you think of him. It's good to know that you are seeing that about him and what used to not really bother me about him has started to become cumulative, so I'm not quite as accepting of his replies as I maybe was a year ago.

    I understand that. It's very surprising to see someone with my opinions posting on here, especially someone who has become a pretty common border. I agree that some of my posts from earlier this year weren't the most polished and while I won't ever reach the quality of you or TFD, for example, I'm glad to see that you think I've improved. :)

    Thanks for saying that. I have no problem with his interest in the show. Especially since he is very talented and his investment has spawned a hobby of his that he and other people enjoy. I have no problem with him disagreeing, but I think his fandom of the show (or at least the classic era) has crossed the line a little and I just wish he was a little less cynical.
    I know we haven't exactly been best friends, but thank you for saying that to Jake because if you were being serious, I got the feeling that you were defending me. I really appreciate it.
    FINALS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Prepare for massive pent-up rant. :) Can't believe the semester is almost over!

    If I spaz about it tonight it will be lame and half-assed because I'm sleep-deprived and also I need to spaz about the entire week of awesomeness with the daily show in Washington and the correspondents' hilarious epic shenanigans, and I can't do it justice right now.

    So I will do a loooooong spaz tomorrow but I had to tell you something tonight or I would have gone crazy.

    OMG SO GOOD! I hope you loved it too. :D
    haha i was surprised at how content it was being wrapped up in a suit the whole time
    hey arii,

    i'm going through season 1 of Star Trek TOS with my girlfriend and just watched the 5th episode. Straight away I remembered your old av with the unicorn dog and couldn't get it outta my mind all episode.
    Hey, I have an assignment from my writing professor -- don't use any cell phones, internet, or any other electronic media, except for classwork, for 48 hours starting tonight. I WILL DIE. So...I'll write on saturday. Who could be a cool experience if I wasn't deprived of non-electronic entertainment here...
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