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  • Bruce: Thanks for the extra $5...I'll letcha know when I get it (probably Monday).

    I have Simpsons Comics, Itchy and Scratchy, Radioactive Man, Bart Man, all the one-shots like Krusty Comics and Lisa Comics, Summer Shindig, Winter Wonderland...that's all I can think of.

    I may hafta see tomorrow's ep on Hulu Monday: my older brother's satellite box 'died' and he won't get a new one until either Tuesday or TV makes SBBED .D..."Something-Something!"
    Bruce: I have the one where Ralph says, "I'm a comic book!"

    The $25 is good enough for don't need to send the Ralphs.


    I collect ALL various Simpsons Comics (Simpsons, Bart Simpson Comics, Winter Wing-Ding, Summer Spectacular, etc.) I only have just ONE of the Ralph Wiggum Comics.
    Archive Guy:

    To quote the late Frank Zappa: "Great Googly-Moogly!" I didn't realize how much of a star I am at Bongo-in their earlier comics, they printed my letters AND artwork...too innumberable;even I don't know how many there are.

    I got the comics in a manila envelope all ready to be soon as I'm done checking my e-mail/messages, I'm sending them off to the post office...since you're in the East coast, you'll probably get it by the end of the week...ENJOY!

    Debra Jean Hopkins, aka 'SBBED .D'
    Archive Guy:

    $25 sounds good to me...what is your 'snail-mail' address so I can send my LA Times Sunday strips to you?

    My info (in case you're writing a check/M.O.): Debra Jean Hopkins, 1744 Jonathon St., Vista, CA 92083
    I am pretty sure I still have the cut-out Los Angeles Times (Sunday) Simpsons Comics...I have them stored away inside an empty Simpsons puzzle box. How much are you paying ans what is your 'snail mail' address so I can send them to you?-SBBED .D
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