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  • andy, thank you for the offer to help with the hosting process of my nostalgic minivideos.

    time will tell when i get all my videos uploaded... so, eventually. :oops:
    Hiya, it is alright if you please move "Sharing Funny Technology related jokes as much as I can" To Quite Exciting, This Computer Magic!, thanks
    Hi Andy, can you change my username as '***The Smashing Pumpkin***' for Halloween?

    I'll notify you back when Halloween's over
    Greetings, Andy. Can you change my username to: The Law-Talkin' Guy
    hi andy, could you change my name to PsycheEnFuego????

    i just thought of it... thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Andy, could you change my and every username on the site, just shift every letter in every name to the next letter in the english alphabet? Boez, do it for me.. Ibqbcmbq.
    Hi Andy... could you bring this board back from the dead whilst making entertaining name changes? I mean, I don't want to sound annoying or neeeeeedy or something. Also could you suggest a boring avatar for me... something political or animated, perhaps?
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