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  • The update was suppose to be in September but Naglafar changes is mind and finally decide to change completely the design of the site. I'm not a moderator on TSP because I did not have the time and motivation so I have no information on the next version anymore.

    And thanks for the Happy birthday :P
    Sure thing. I'm glad someone enjoys reading them. I'm honestly not sure when I'll begin Season 18 though. I hope sometime in November.
    Hey I saw that you don't do your review on TSP now but on NHC. I just see that today and I enjoy your review. Also, Adventures in Baby-Getting will only air on November eleventh :(
    Thank you!

    This episode sounds really interesting. Even if, obviously, Marge won't have another baby.
    Anyway this season promises to be better than the previous one! :)
    Thank you for your answer alex_on_ice. :)

    When I was in Montreal I didn't manage to see AlexandreLeblanc since we (my family and I) visited the city all day...

    So I don't know if you noticed but I have definitely left The Simpsons Park, pretty much for the same reason as you: I don't care about the lives of the others members, I just want to talk Simpsons with them.
    I have deleted my account from the forum and erased all my informations on the site. I don't want to go there anymore, that's just a waste of time, I'll definitely stay on NoHomers, this is so much better and it helps me to improve my English. I'm sure I couldn't write like that 2 years ago.
    So if you want to see my reviews on each episode, don't go on TSP because I don't post them there anymore. I only post them here now.
    See you soon alex_on_ice. ;)
    Salut ça fait longtemps. :)
    Non ce n'est pas Rap17 qui m'a donné envie de partir, ou presque pas.
    Le problème c'est qu'il casse tous les nouveaux membres... u_u
    the one i ran last week saturday is the only time i've run in a race, and i mostly only did at the time because the principal wanted me to. every other time i'd ever run was because of gym class or basketball practice at my old school.

    it went better then i thought it would, considering i don't run a lot. i'd run a lot more if i could run with some of my friends; for some reason i really hate running alone.
    Thanks, well I am hoping to find one at least. I have been unemployed since leaving college in 2010... I don't like living off taxes, so that's why I want to find a job. Plus of course the extra money is a big help! lol. Thank you very much.

    Oh I see, that sounds cool. It's always best to get as much experience as you can. Yes, I agree; being bilingual can help in any job situation. I'm hoping to learn Japanese once I can get the money.
    C'est certain qu'il est important de maintenir un bon niveau dans les deux langues mais moi je mets l'accent sur l'anglais car je suis vraiment loin de tout maîtrisé et le français est ma langue maternelle. Je suis aussi très motivé à apprendre l'anglais et je regarder maintenant toujours les films/série (compris les Simpsons en VO. De un, je trouve que c'est tellement meilleure (surtout la VO comparé à la VQ des Simpsons et c'est certain que je ne regarde plus de film en français (film américain) pour le restant de ma vie.) et de deux, depuis que je fais ça, c'est incroyable comment je me suis, surtout au niveau de mon vocabulaire. Je peux enfin avoir une bonne discussion avec quelqu'un quand je vais en vacance aux USA sans avoir l'air d'un con.
    Merci à toi de m'avoir lu et répondu ! Sinon, Ma critique sur NHC était correcte car je n'ai pas utilisé google traduction ;)

    No problem ^_^

    Sounds cool. Watching The Simpsons is always great, and it's cool you're collecting the comics. I don't really know many comics except for stuff like DC (Superman, which I don't like) and Manga.

    I'm not too bad, thanks. As I write this I am on an 8-week course to find a job which will then allow me to start an IT apprenticeship. I'm currently on a break so I thought I would reply now lol. So apart from looking for work, I have been gaming, listening to music, stuff like that.

    I have yet to see that, but I shall check it out soon.

    Take care.
    Tu iras consulter ceci si tu as le temps :,1513.0.html Tu verras aussi que j'ai changé encore une fois ma note pour the d'oh-cial network.

    De plus, j'ai lu ton avis dans les critiques du site pour le nouvel épisode et je suis totalement d'accord avec toi pour la note et ta critique est très bien faîte et agréable à lire. Très heureux de voir que nous sommes sur la même longueur d'onde pour cette épisode. (Comme beaucoup d'épisodes d'ailleurs). :D

    À la prochaine.
    Bad news, the board software isn't letting me change usernames at the moment... I brought it to the attention of the tech people so hopefully it will be fixed soon
    hey, i saw what you wrote to dark homer. if you want your user name changed you have to ask an admin (so him, kupomog... basically any member with red stars, or eric).

    sorry to be butting in, just trying to help you out
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