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  • Yes, it's because I don't often go on Internet these last days.
    And there are some Simpsons episodes that I still didn't see. (Kirk-ing and Gorgeous) It had never happened since I joined TSP...
    Oh and I forgot to ask you : Do you know when the new TSP update is going to happen ?

    Probably around the end of the year, no ? I heard Naglafar wanted to continue working on some things (to even make it better). I think I'll be pleasantly surprised when the update happens. ;)
    I'm glad that you enjoyed my first two reviews on NHC for Season 24. They're pretty damn short :D. I don't have much time anymore because of my studies (lots of homework). I'll still be visiting TSP once in a while to update the twitter account. I'm excited for Sunday's episode "Adventures in baby getting". When I look at the three upcoming episodes Fox is going to air, I'm pretty optimistic. "Gone Abie Gone" and "Penny-Wiseguys" look like they have potential as well.

    I don't know if I'm late on saying Happy birthday to you but I'll say it anyway : Happy Birthday ALB ! I hope you have some good parties ! Has hurricane Sandy past through Canada yet ? See you soon, AOI.
    i kinda thought the way they got rid of MIB was dumb, but on the whole it was pretty enjoyable (the episode and the season)
    I'll be sure to let you know.

    If I can be completely honest I kinda dislike it which is a reason I never finished. It's a decent show but once they introduce flash forwards and time shifts and stuff it kinda got really crazy. Incidentally, or ironically, this is when I was watching episode-after-episode. But looking back it seemed pretty ridiculous.
    i only have two days off a week and so I could only get through a handful every now and then haha, but I'll try and do so soon. As i recall s6 starts off kinda dull
    that sounds fun. I haven't had the time, with work and all. I still need to find a site that can play s6. I might rent it somewhere and finish it that way.
    nothing much man, bored, trying to chat with people haha. how about you?
    Great review of "Moonshine River" !!!! I really enjoyed it. Your reviews are really getting better and better each year !!! ;)
    BTW, I'm sorta against the referendum but I don't really mind either way!

    Nothing will change: It's a minority gouvernment!
    Big reason I haven't finished it yet is s6 is kinda boring to me so far
    I have been, but it hasn't been easy. I'll try again later today and/or tomorrow. Since I don't work today or tomorrow and I have relatively short work days Thursday and Friday, I could probably finish the series. I got nothing else to do now that Breaking Bad is done for the year :(
    I am enjoying it, but unfortunately I don't know how to continue. I've been using that site that I found to watch Breaking Bad on, and I've been watching Lost too, obviously. But s6 is all messed up. I clicked on the first episode, LAX, and then I clicked on the second episode, and that episode was also LAX. So now each episode is behind; if I click on one episode, it'll show a different one. So I'm out of sync and don't know how to go about continuing the season
    Just finished s2. DAMN. It would suck to have to wait months to see what happens next. Luckily I got the internet on my side ;)
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