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  • oh yes that's great! i mean my friend herself isn't sure but i'm sure she would be very glad. details: arriving at stansted on the 24th at 10:25, then taking the bus to baker street, which should arrive at 12pm. leaving on the 27th at 4:00 am (ugh) from baker street to catch a 6:25 flight at stansted. as to my actual plans there, besides the op show, i haven't really got anything planned - just usual touristy things probably, meetup, this st. john's restaurant. down for anything really. like i hope to be walking outside most of the day, barring my fear of english youth doesn't confine me indoors, and hoping the weather is decent (probably not).

    would one of you be able to meet me to take me where i need to be? i could make it to highgate myself if that's better, or just wander round baker st. until you're ready

    also how late does the tube run? like would i be able to get to baker street by 4 am easily?
    dear adam, i have a favor to ask of you, or rather, your girlfriend. is it possible for a friend of mine to stay at her place for the nights of the 25th and the 26th with me as well? if not, she can find another place to stay. but i really appreciate that she is having me over anyway so thaaanks
    this may sound silly but i'm thinking of getting your gf a candle. do you know if she doesn't like either citrus, fig, or jasmine?
    oh well.. thats still a great record. my favourite record ever is and always will be niandra lades
    well i'm back now it doesn't really matter

    john frusciante is still my favourite person in music. have you seen him lately? he has this great beard. oh and as for the empyrean, shame you ain't feeling it.. it would be top 5 of 2009 for me, possibly even #1, i just think it works really great as a record and is produced really well, not to mention his voice is better than ever (imo)
    haha well i have been reading around and apparently my leaving was made out to be much bigger than what it was (several people are claiming the title of 'making buh leave'. i was weird then and i also just needed a break
    haha thats cool man

    just finished school a week or so ago, remembered about this forum and realised i missed the filesharing section a lot
    you go to imperial college london, right? it was recently voted 5th best uni in the world

    meanwhile i'm stuck in the 43rd

    i just wanted to broaden my horizons, duuude.

    but really, jens lekman + atheist + wu tang. you are the embodiment of variety in music. you're pretty much the only person i know who can say "i listen to a bit of everything" and actually be able to back it up. fucking PROPS man!
    dude "shadows collide with people" is amazing. i've listened to it four or five times in the last two days. it's even better than curtains, which i adore. where to next?
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