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  • haha, don't know if it's as well known elsewhere, but it pretty much always appears as trinity college dublin (TCD). did any other team get it wrong? if so, you would have been right to call them idiots then throw mixed nuts at them
    The ending with Ryu continuously Shoryukening the waterfall still cracks me up. I want a gif of it.
    Haha love your new avatar dude. Years ago when I was super into Street Fighter I remember beating it on at least difficulty 4 with every character just to see all the endings. I think Zangief was one of the last I got because I've always sucked with him. That ending cracked me up.
    really glad you liked it boss. darkthrone does pubrock! i cant claim to really know their albums well after panzerfaust but i really enjoyed dark thrones and black flags. i remember reading some forum thread somewhere where the consensus was THE MUSIC ON CIRCLE THE WAGONS IS ACTUALLY PRETTY GOOD I JUST WISH HE WOULDNT USE THE NAME DARKTHRONE FOR THAT STUFF DAGNABBIT BECAUSE IT IS NOT BLACK METAL IT IS CRUST PUNK INFLUENCED HEAVY METAL. which is hilarious because its fenriz and when would fenriz ever give two shits about that sort of thing
    ah ok. i went and shit started going down neat the end, namely at the millbank building
    nah i figured you were just making fun of british conservatives but i wasn't entirely sure. the last wall post was to gain certainty
    ahaha yeah that'd be awesome. i still rememeber like 3 years ago when you were still living in southampton when it turned out we both went to the same star wars exhibition (
    since you didn't get to have a proper board-style birthday, i figured i may as well say it here

    happy 20th my london breh :beerbang:
    Yeah I wasn't that well yesterday, so I was worried I wouldn't feel like coming out but I'm a bit better today. So we could meet in a nearby pub at about 6:30pm/7pm or whenever depends how bothered you are about seeing the support bands.

    You got my number right?
    oh wow okay! yeah she told me she sent it but wasn't sure if you'd receive it, just because the address seemed a little off. but it's good to know, i'll let her know!
    sure i can do that! you'll have to pm me either your or her address though. also, i might be coming back to london sometime - would it be possible for me to borrow it then? i don't think i would need to stay with yuns though
    alreet adam. struggling to think of bands similar to akitsa that you wont already have heard of but id definitely suggest VORDR and early ABSURD stuff if you havent heard it. oh & theres this other quebecois nationalist band called FORTRESSE that are kind of similar to akitsa in aesthetic/ideals. as for dirty punk w/ nasty singing (which is kind of my fave thing): DRUNKS WITH GUNS, BRAINBOMBS, FLIPPER, KILLDOZER, WIPERS, CLOCKCLEANER, SNAKE APARTMENT ... if you need a hand finding any of this stuff just let me know boss
    getting it now. if you know any other metal with mostly clean vox similar to that and alcest, let me know
    i liked the other two tracks but that song blew my mind. i haven't heard the lp. i'll look in to that tho
    i'm really into amesoeurs' 'Faiblesse Des Sens'. SUCH a fucking killer track
    honestly, no. people throw around the phrase "acquired taste" for the most trivial shit, but it applies here. she's uniquely talented (and i mean unique... and crazy, satanic possession type unique; she preformed the litanies of satan in some church and got flak, heh). she's like no other but i would not be able to get anyone i know to listen to her, really

    this cover is cool though, and kinda shows off her surprisingly sustained and elegant personality. a cool person regardless of music, you might say: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzWVWY5QUzg
    ok, i kinda like the album a bit. not earth shattering or anything. it has some pretty generic metal elements throughout, but the album has this "greek folk music" influence to it that makes it stand out from the legions of other metal dickery that gets tossed out these days. i wonder if any of their other newer albums have that. it's also pretty :headbang:in', some of the riffs are just satisfying on that primordial level, y'know

    plus i just love the galas cover the more i listen to it. i could listen to her summon satan all day
    thy mighty contract is one of my all time favorites but i never got into the rest of their discog

    only reason i found out about this new one was diamanda galas, heh. ended up seeing the song on youtube and the combination of her didactic intonations and the bm backing gave me serious chills. but, i am a galas fan

    i actually grabbed the whole album but have only been listening to that "cover (sampling... whatever you call it)", which seems like it's a bonus track of sorts. so i don't know if the album's actually any good. the guitar has a pretty sweet tone on the "cover" though. will report
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