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  • We went on holiday to Paignton last year and we're going again this year. The zoo was pretty good but I can't say I remember much of it. It didn't have anything on Marwell Zoo though.
    Yeah, I guess so. I think it's just that I've only ever lived in Southampton and so it probably doesn't seem all that important to me. And you grew up in Devon? Have you ever been to Paignton?
    Cool. The only thing I don't like about Southampton is that not very many interesting things happen here. Though I guess we are famous for cruise liners coming here.
    Hey there! - Many thanks on accepting me into the British Coalition.. (I haven't seen the flags appear yet?) Any idea when they'll come?
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    californication is a good record but it suffers in terms of production which pulls it down because it sounds really typical of late 90s rock. the songs are supurb though and i prefer a live version any day of the week. you should also listen the empyrean again as its probably one of john's best records in terms of.. everything. he totally went all out and just fucking nailed it. i think he once said its the kind of record he woulda made in the early 90s (niandra lades) had he known how to use a recording studio the way he wanted to (the way he did on the empyrean)
    cool, just grab all the waters of the earth turn to blood

    then wait for it to get dark, and as it plays let thoughts of despair and hopelessness fill your mind
    haha yea only moderators can start threads in the super forum that are automatically approved, so they get lost in the shuffle. i just moved one of kelly's. otherwise they would appear as moderated threads and we move them to the appropriate section, but that's rare anyway.
    have you listened to the body? i figure you would like them given that you like sunn o))) (though the former are much more abrasive)
    You at The Mountain Goats tonight? I only realized they were on yesterday. Maybe we can bump into each other there? I don't think anyone else I know is going.
    hahaha thats great. i told my cousin i was into 'noise' music once & she replied 'oh yeah like the prodigy & that'
    so i like just finished listening to axe to fall and man the progression from dark horse-effigy is amazing
    so can you give a rundown on other essential metal recordings w/ punkish leanings? apparently fugazi and jesus lizard was an influence on jane doe and i would certainly like to hear more like it
    i love these real jane doe links

    not like that fake jane doe link that almost got me fired
    no it was tagged right. but i went to the wikipedia page and realized none of the track lengths matched and i checked youtubes and yup they were different. guess it was wrong of me to not be suspicious of a link labeled CONVERGE - JANE DOE (33RPM VINYL RIP)

    found a legit copy though.
    ok what the fuck

    apparently what i listened to was not jane doe and i'm not even sure if it was converge

    god i hate the internet sometimes
    just listened to jane doe

    if a record is universally acclaimed or whatever i naturally have an inclination to listen more closely and pick up more on first listen, but regardless, this is a winner
    yeah i'll get around to those eventually sure. after i reduce my 3.97 gb of unlistened music to a more manageable figure
    there's no way to un-like it, but if it's bugging you that much let me know which one it is and I can manually change it in the database
    skimming the surface but so far

    the body
    gay for johnny depp
    no trend

    i'd say noisecore stuff is what's really appealing to me right now so i think i'm gonna have to check out the locust and converge. what else should i go for?
    i'm having a jafar-esque transition of increasing enjoyment of "-core" music

    just thought i'd let you know
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