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  • no bother man. make the most of it i guess. i actually told a friend about the bergen line and we both got so besotted w/ the idea that the night before the attacks we decided to go to bergen/oslo in september. dunno if we will now tho like. let me know how it is anyway mang
    cool dood where are you going? anyway this is one of those things that is highly contentious / petty so i am gonna play it safe and be boringly canonical but i will say right off the bat that anything and everything by ILDJARN is mandatory, as are all the BURZUM records from before he went to prison. my fave ildarn is maybe det frysend nordariket and i suppose i presently like filosofem best of those burzum cuts but theyre all vital and should provide suitable orchestration to any fjord walks you might venture upon. after that id recommend DARKTHRONE blaze in the northern sky, transilvanian hunger and panzerfaust; MAYHEM deathcrush and de mysteriis dom sathanas; and the first 3 ULVER albums, esp nattens madrigal. oh and for what its worth i dont really like immortal or emperor, but their early records are highly regarded by krieger bros than me. have a fun holiday mate
    finally listened to it. i think the beats are totally great. dj quik still @ it!!
    i had no idea. i'll check it out fo sho
    well that's good. as for me i am about to go to college after dropping out two years ago and failing to find a job

    and that's too bad about ol eva and phil. not that we were on good terms by any means but curiousity ya know
    i'm just dandy

    haven't watched x files in a couple of years but

    musings of a cigarette smoking man
    never again
    the postmodern prometheus

    and how are you doin! (never even knew much about you)? and are you still in touch with eva and whatshisname?

    carry into pm's if you like
    sorry for being an a-hole last night man dont know what got into me

    disgregard mostly everything
    how come none of the other sky ferreira songs on youtube are anything like as good as the one you posted
    thats a great record. i love the sound of it. youre pretty spot on about 'be your girl'. her voice is excellent and the beats give her so much room to breathe, it sounds soooo nice
    i listened to basic instinct

    i thought it was good when looked at from two different angles. like for some reason the beats really hold up well on their own and as do the vocals but together as one they don't work as good as i think they should. strange. i digged the chopped/screwed influence on 'ride' very much. i wish ciara did more backing vocals as she has a really good voice for it... she should follow in brandy's footsteps [esp on afrodisiac, i'll just assume your a fan of that record]
    i guess i'll just d-load all her stuff and pass thru the shit and focus on the good

    i remember also loving 1, 2 step and oh back in the days

    those songs are so totally crunk
    yeah i actually downloaded. yet to listen

    anything else by her worth getting? i only remember goodies from when it came out
    speed dealer moms

    get onto it

    you'd love it
    Yeah man, PJ using samples is actually pretty rad. Like, PJ Dilla or something, ha. I kinda hope the album version of The Last Living Rose is still grunge-y, but, hey, Radiohead redid Reckoner and I ended up liking the In Rainbows version just as much so, gotta wait and see. Pretty stoked, anyway.
    not necessarily a huge fan, haha. just thought it was absurd and worthy enough to follow up "john brown"
    oh don't worry, you're not alone, I usually have episodes on e4 on every day. there's a lot of flaws in it but I can't help but love it. it's like they're my real f.r.i.e.n.d.s!
    it has some incredible songs, yeah. i guess it's a bit front-loaded, but i love it
    I'll have to buy the dvds soon. It's on tv all the time, but they don't name the episodes, which is bad cuz I wanna watch it in order. I like David Lynch. Eraserhead is my favorite movie of his.

    Oh damn, I have no idea. Been off shows for a while. Uh Twin Peaks sounds right up my alley, but I haven't seen an episode yet.

    So I take it you've finished The X-Files?
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