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Here you will find over fifty Simpsons fan scripts in .PDF format that have been sent to us over the years. If you've written a script and would like to see it on this page, feel free to e-mail it to us. Also, for nearly instant feedback, you can post your fan fiction in the "Itchy & Scratchy Studios" section of our forums.

By Adam Brayboy:
"The Catch"
By Alesha Russell:
"Condiments Are No Compliment"
By Alex Conway:
"Homer Wants to be a Millionaire" | "Homer for Mayor" | "The Workin' Man"
By Andrew Hooper
"Public D'oh-Main"
By Ben Allman:
"Jurassic Bark"
By Carl Johnson:
"Suppertime and the Livin' is Greasy (Act One)" | "Suppertime and the Livin' is Greasy (Act Two)" | "Suppertime and the Livin' is Greasy (Act Three)"
By Chris Dominowski:
"Bartman Meets the Blazer" | "In Full Flight" | "Summer of 4'3"
By Christina Nordlander:
"Rommel in the Bronx"
By Craig Simon:
"Homer the Trillionaire" | "Joe's Cavern"
By CrashJ2k@cs.com:
"Little Treehouse of Horrors 2000"
By Dana Goudreault:
"The Opposite of Something"
By Glenn Pollard:
"Homer the Stig"
By Graham Dawson:
"Lisa Squared (Part One)" | "Lisa Squared (Part Two)"
By Ivan Paust:
"I Just Want My Girl" | "Bart Just Wants to Have Fun"
By Jake Lennington:
"Before Marge"
By Jason Rosenbaum:
"The Homerchurian Candidate"
By Javier Vera:
"A Hard Nut to Crack"
By Jeremy Friedman:
"Twelve Angry Friends"
By Joe Wilsdon:
"The Simpsons vs. the Comic Book Guy"
By John Bowman:
"Lisa vs. Bart"
By Jonah Flynn:
"Terwilliger Tales: Bart In New York"
By Joseph Allard:
"Homer the Bibliomaniac?" | "Dial 'MOE' for Murder"
By Justin Walter:
"The Duff War" | "Treehouse of Horror XI" | "The Simpsons: World Wide D'oh!" | "Larry Returns" | "Sideshow Bob's Return" | "Homer and Hans"
By Kevin Scromeda:
"Deed of Corey"
By Lee Buck:
"Lisa, Jazzwoman"
By Luke Thompson:
"When a Bart Comes Out a Ralph Comes In"
By Nathan M. Scrivens
"Bart's Insecurity"
By Nimo Black:
"Last Action Homer"
By Rich Wheeler:
"Captain ZapNutsí Wild Ride"
By Ross:
"Treehouse of Horror" | "Homerman"
By Ryan:
THOH Act: "Homey, You're 3 Inches Tall" | "Simpsons Down Too South"
By Ryan Emms:
"Dial 'L' for Lunatic"
By Ryan Gault:
"Honey, Iíve Ruined Our Holiday"
By Sean Redmond:
"Let's Destroy Our Liver) Dance"
By Stephen Frizzle:
"Treehouse of Horror 14" | "Treehouse of Horror 15"
By Thano L:
"Another Encounter With Fat Tony"
By Tom Santini:
"This Old Milhouse" | "Why MCA?" | "Gil's Problem"
By Victoria Court:
"We Are Pilgrims"