Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your site called what it is?

The name alt.nerd.obsessive is a parody of the well known discussion newsgroup The Simpsons writers thought it would be funny to have a poke at the fans of the internet who used this group. The harsh criticism and extreme fandom exhibited on this forum by the users soon gave the writers the impression of us as being nerdy and obsessed with the Simpsons, and thus the poke at the fans was made . The recognition almost makes you feel humbled! In fact, the very character of the CBG is modelled on the hardcore Simpsons fans of the net. For example, CBG's utterance of the words "Worst Episode Ever" can be traced back to the very same words used to describe bad episodes in reviews by these "obsessed" and "nerdy" fans.

What Is The Comic Book Guy's Real Name?

This has been much debated on but the fact is that we still haven't been told what the Comic Book Guy's name is. The closest we ever came to finding out was in the [4F12] Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie episode where CBG asked Homer to sign his autograph, "Can you make one out to me, and three out to my friend of the same name". In the 10th Season Superbowl episode Sunday, Cruddy Sunday Lisa actively refers to the Comic Book Guy as "Comic Book Guy". Furthermore, in "Behind the Laughter" CBG is credited as "Comic Book Guy", with the profession "Comic Book Guy". (from

What is the name of that comic shop CBG owns?

The store that CBG owns is called "The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop".